Dutch language courses

Thanks to the increasing internationalisation more and more speakers of foreign languages are coming to live and work in the Netherlands. At first glance it does not seem necessary to learn the Dutch language because English is understood all around the Netherlands. But even so, mastering the Dutch language is an important factor to integrate quickly and successfully – not just at work but also in the private environment.

Our Dutch language courses focus on either introducing the participants to the (business) usage of Dutch or adding to their existing knowledge during individual- and group courses. The courses we provide are tailored to the company, the position and the individual goals of our course members.

For non-native speakers it is not only important to be proficient in the Dutch language but also to have a proper understanding of the Dutch people, their way of working and their style of doing business. We supervise their efforts to improve their communications with Dutch-speaking colleagues, the focus being cultural differences and the way these manifest themselves in the day-to-day working practice.

Taleninstituut Rotterdam offers various business language trainings in Rotterdam, dependent on the number of employees, their starting level, the goal to be achieved and the available time. All of our courses are custom made, aimed at practical application and completely in tune with the starting level of the participant and the needs and wishes of the company.

We offer our Dutch language courses in the form of individual courses and group courses.

Customized business language courses by Taleninstituut Rotterdam.

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