Italian language courses

Do you wish to enter the Italian market or expand your activities in Italy? A sound knowledge of the Italian market will be much appreciated by the Italians and significantly improve your chances for success. All the more reason to invest in a course of business Italian for you and/or your employee(s).

Our trainers of the Italian language are native speakers and have considerable business experience. They stand ready to bring your knowledge of their native language to a higher level and provide professional assistance for acquiring or improving your oral and written skills. Think of conducting business conversations, negotiating, giving company and product presentations and, of course, using correct Italian in your business correspondence.

Before you start the course, our trainers determine your current language level and establish your goals in consultation with you. We will develop a customised programme based on this information. It goes without saying that you can at all times alter your goals – in consultation with your trainer – even during your training.

To achieve maximum results with a minimal investment in time, you can attend our flexible courses at your company location in Rotterdam and surroundings. For intensive courses or urgent requests, we can also offer training facilities in the centre of Rotterdam.

Customized business language courses by Taleninstituut Rotterdam.