Legal English courses

Our Legal English courses are specifically client-oriented and tailored to individual or group requirement. Not only do we recognise that is each individual legal area is different and therefore language requirements are area-specific but acknowledge that each client has individual needs. Therefore, we tailor-make our courses to incorporate your specific language needs.

Possible areas to cover, amongst others:

  • Basic Legal English – the specific grammar required for writing & speaking
  • Reading legal texts & court judgments
  • Legal vocabulary
  • Written & academic forms of Legal English – how to write effectively. Includes drafting legal documents, e-mail, company & internal documents
  • Letter writing in practice
  • Legal English for examinations
  • British Legal English & American Legal English – Which to use and how to understand the differences in terminology
  • Idiomatic use of Legal English
  • Interviewing & Advising
  • Negotiating styles & strategies
  • Differences between Civil & Common Law jurisdictions
  • Language practice: case studies & mooting

Victoria Laws, our Senior Legal English Trainer will meet with you to discuss your needs and prepare a course structure for your perusal before acceptance. In order to tailor make your course, we request that you bring as much material as possible to the intake interview. It is likely essential to work with your own materials during the course in order to concentrate on the specific areas required.

With exercises from your own specific legal practice, you will learn to implement Legal English to the best of your ability. In a short period of time, you will be able to demonstrate a higher level of Legal language and gain more confidence in any matters realting to communication with alternative legal jurisdictions and/or clients.

We offer our Legal English courses in the form of an individual training or group lessons (two or more colleagues from the same company). As preferred, lessons can take place in-house or alternatively, in one of our own teaching locations.

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