Types of training

Taleninstituut Rotterdam offers various business language trainings in Rotterdam, dependent on the number of employees, their starting level, the goal to be achieved and the available time. All of our courses are custom made, aimed at practical application and completely in tune with the starting level of the participant and the needs and wishes of the company.

We offer courses at every desired level. From beginners who have absolutely no knowledge of the language we will teach them, to employees who are already capable of expressing themselves in writing and speech in the desired language; we put together the right language training programme for each person.

We provide your course during office hours; however, we do offer the possibility of evening hours and weekends depending on trainer availability. While we offer the option of in-company training or remote (online) training for all of our courses, a combination of both is also often booked by clients.

Flexible language training

Flexible courses are available for participants who do not have a lot of spare time. Courses of two to three hours can be given at times that are agreed upon by you at your location in Rotterdam or surroundings.
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Semi-intensive language training

This semi-intensive language training consists of a number of whole days which can be spread over several weeks. This form of training is recommended for students for whom the flexible training progresses too slowly, and who need more freedom of choice as to when they can fit the training into their individual schedules.
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Intensive language training

The intensive language course involves the participant following the course for full days for a duration of one of more weeks. This type of course is suitable for participants who need to bring their language knowledge up to a higher level in a short period of time and who are motivated to work on learning the language on a (nearly) full time basis.
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Remote language training

Language learning is well-suited to remote training for both individuals and groups. It is ideal whether you want to follow a language course form home, from various locations or if you are a frequent business traveler.
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As an addition on our customized programs which are based on your function, line of business and situation, you could also use our e-learning system.
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